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Is Your Spirited Child Driving You Up The Wall? Here's How To Finally Get the Peaceful, Respectful Family You Deserve In Just 90 Days

100% guaranteed

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This is the parenting blueprint that actually makes sense. With this plan you have the actual tools and scripts (not vague theory) that will take you from chaos to calm in just a few days. 

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We learned how to not react, but rather join our son, de-escalate, and connect.

Chelsey and Robin helped us reach and connect with our son in brand new ways.  We learned how to not simply react to his behavior, which would often lead to frustration, but rather join him at these most challenging times to help de-escalate and build connection.  We learned how to use a completely different approach to parenting.  The tools we learned throughout the 12-week course were essential in helping us make different choices when interacting with our son. 

J.H and R.H Family

We didn't want to be the "yelling house" and now use Dr. Chelsey's tools daily to create a calmer home.

My husband and I decided we didn’t want to be the “yelling house,” and didn’t want our daughter to feel ashamed and of her feelings the way we did growing up. What has stuck with me the most are the 5-Ps, specifically praise, proximity and presence. Giving our daughter specific praise, making sure to spend five to 10 special, uninterrupted minutes with her every day, and speaking to her within close proximity always creates a calmer home. I come back to these tools (and positive opposites!) time and time again when things start to slip, and within a day or two, she’s back to her cooperative self.

Doyle Family

We had tried everything and nothing worked...until now.

We had tried everything before finding Dr. Chelsey and Dr. Robin. All we had found were 'quick fixes' that didn't work.  


This class however gave us a framework and a set of tools  to use in any situation moving forward and we are seeing results! What was really helpful too is we got other parents perspective along the way."  

Positive Parenthood Family

Constant tantrums and anxiety left us unable to carry on with our day to day lives we now have a more solid understanding of our  kids, a stronger bond and less tantrums. 

I'm 6 months pregnant with our third, our oldest was presenting us with very challenging behavior. Constant tantrums and anxiety left us unable to carry on with our day to day lives. Even birthday parties, fun group events and dance classes were recipes for disaster. We were stressed, puzzled and desperate. Chelsey's class gave us specific tools that enabled us to build trust and  more seamlessly guide our children through transitions. The result? a more solid understanding of our  kids, a stronger bond and less tantrums. We are living in a different world than we were a year ago and we like this one a lot more!!! 

Steuer Family

They taught us and our son's teachers tools to handle everydya conflict

Robin and Chelsey are amazing. They teach us the tools to handle everyday conflict with our kids changing our dynamic as a family. They even helped us share these tools with teachers at school to have a common language and support our son with conflicts at school.

MJ - Mom of Two Tweens

This helped heal my whole family

I thought I was going through the class to help the child with autism, with special needs. But it really was a class that healed the whole family.

Carol - Mom of 2 Neurotypical Kids & 2 Kids with Special Needs

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