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Chelsey and Kids

Your child can cooperate.


Learn how to gentle parent even when the sh*t is hitting the fan when you learn how to work with your own & your child’s nervous systems.

If your child is strong-willed, sensitive, spirited, or neurodiverse...You deserve support!

We are a double PhD mother-daughter team! We will show you how to support your child so they can cooperate- no matter how tricky it is right now.

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Real Outcomes

What if you could have back the time you spend disciplining?


Guiding Cooperation For Families

We are honored to work with families coming from many different walks of life and to share in the vulnerability, challenges, and hopefulness that families bring to Positive Parenthood.

Does this sound familiar?


Your kids are constantly fighting, ignoring, nit-picking or melting down....


You’ve tried everything!  

What works for other kids doesn't seem to make a difference for your child.


Your child may be neurodiverse or neurotypical, but they are genuinely harder to parent than other kids you see.

You're dealing with upsets that seem unusually big for  your kid's age....

it's embarrassing.


Are you ready for something that will actually work?

We are Guiding Cooperation!

Learning how to stay present to ourselves while parenting through tough times is a life long journey. 

We will teach you tools to parent your child that nurture your nervous system AND your child's capacity to cooperate.

We are mother-daughter team, and our work is grounded in neuroscience, social emotional learning, and child development. We will teach you how to get your child to cooperate so that you can find the JOY in parenting.


We have supported 1000+ families raising spicy, spirited, and neurodiverse kids to move out of constant fighting, yelling, and discord- and into cooperation and co-regulation. 

Welcome to our community!