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Guiding Cooperation for Medical Professionals


Guiding Cooperation for Medical Professionals takes relationship-based tools and concepts and streamlines them for medical professionals working with children and families in the healthcare context. Grounded in theories of co-regulation and supporting children with a neuro-relational approach, this program offers clear, research based strategies for professionals. Our Program Our goal is all medical professionals have the research based skills & frameworks to support patients with positive interventions and all children can cooperate. Our program is focused on therapy experiences and how to make small shifts that will have a big impact on patients and support cooperation in therapy and at home. Program is designed: Delivered either as a day-long (6 hours) masterclass or two 3-hour masterclasses, participants dive into the research and reflect on their own practice. Lectures, infographics & other resources by Dr. Chelsey and Dr. Robin are available in a virtual online course, which participants may access for three months.

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