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Guiding Cooperation: 12 Week Signature Course.


Guiding Cooperation is our signature course that has supported families raising neurodiverse, spirited, strong willed and highly sensitive children for over 30 years. With a focus on regulation, neuroscience, and relationship-based tools, this approach will heal your relationship with your child.... even if nothing else has worked. Delivered in a cohort format, you will be placed with a small group of families (4-8, typically) raising kids like yours. Each week, we meet live for 90 minutes. Each week, you access lectures by Dr. Chelsey and Dr. Robin deepen the learning. You reflect in our exclusive workbook, and you are invited to submit videos or audios of you and your child so that we can help you know how to support your particular child. Is this course for you? It requires a free parenting consult with Dr. Chelsey prior to placement in a cohort. Access your program for first time click Join button. ---- © 2023 Guiding Cooperation by Positive Parenthood. LLC All rights reserved.

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