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Screentime & Social Media: What The Surgeon General Said

Dear Parents, Surgeon General Viveck Murthy warned parents of the dangers of social media on children & youth. And if you think I have a zillion things to say about this, you are right! Here's the most important take-away from the report: we do not have enough information to really understand the impact of social media on the developing brain and nervous system. We do know that children & youth are increasingly struggling with mental health and social emotional well being, and that their participation in social media has skyrocketed. Something is happening with our young people, but we don't exactly know what- research shows both positive and negative impacts of social media on our children and youth. The recommendation to be cautious with social media is grounded in this not knowing. My opinion? Limit screens for littles. Be very involved with bigs on screens. Use parental controls. Be curious about your child's experience. Be clear about your values. Be open to learning new & more things & to changing recommendations.

My Top Screen Time & Social Media Tips

Clarity, Consistency & Culture

Your children NEED you to be CLEAR about the rules and practices that are OK in your family around screens & social media. Use my worksheet here to get clear on your family culture with regard to screens. Once you're clear, present your children with the consistent practice. If you're parenting tweens & teens, invite them into the conversation with you.

Focus on Media Literacy

Connecting During Mealtime

Be Curious, Not Furious

Offer Yourself GRACE

Want more help with screens? The best place for support is inside my course.

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