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Parenting is hard!

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Parenting is challenging, joyful, heartbreaking and hopeful- all at once.

If your child is strong-willed, sensitive, spirited, or neurodiverse...You deserve support!

We are a double PhD mother-daughter team! We will show you how to support your child so they can cooperate- no matter how tricky it is right now.



Does this sound familiar?


Your kids are constantly fighting with each other, defying you, and making it seem a lot harder!


You’ve tried everything!  

Books doesn’t seem to stick, what works for other parents doesn't for your child.



Your child may be neurodiverse or neurotypical, but they are genuinely harder to parent than other kids you see.

You wonder how you ended up with a child who struggles so much! 

Everyone at home is walking on eggshells.


Are you ready for something that will actually work?

Parenting a child who is genuinely trickier than most kids can be heart wrenching.

That's where we come in! 


Wooden Furniture

We are Guiding Cooperation!

Parenting is probably the hardest thing you will ever do!

Everyone has an opinion about how it should be done, but not all opinions matter for your child. Opinions only matter if the person giving them knows your  child, your parenting style, and the research on how to get kids to cooperate.

We will show you how to support your child so they can cooperate. Our work comes from neuroscience, social emotional learning, and child development.


When you weave neuroscience into the way you the way you support, teach and hold boundaries for your child- you child can thrive.


We have supported more than 1000+ families on their journey & are so glad you're here.