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Guiding Cooperation for Medical Professionals

Gain specific tools & strategies to build a positive relationship with your patients.

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Guiding Cooperation for Medical Professionals takes relationship-based tools and concepts and streamlines them for medical professionals working with children and families in the healthcare context. Grounded in theories of co-regulation and supporting children with a neuro-relational approach, this program offers clear, research based strategies for professionals.

Our Program

Our goal is all medical professionals have the research based skills & frameworks to support patients with positive interventions and all children can cooperate.

Our program is focused on therapy experiences and how to make small shifts that will have a big impact on patients and support cooperation in therapy and at home.

Program is designed:

  • Delivered either as a day-long (6 hours) masterclass or two 3-hour masterclasses, participants dive into the research and reflect on their own practice.  

  • Lectures, infographics & other resources by Dr. Chelsey and Dr. Robin are available in a virtual online course, which participants may access for three months. 


I have seen really big changes in my students and classroom when I use the Guiding Cooperation approach. I have enjoyed the content and the constant reminder of the basics of what our students and staff and teachers are dealing with. Having a safe forum to focus on the emotional struggles has been great. Helping the relationships and emotional well-being changes the energy and learning in the room.


-Margaret, Special Education Educator, AUHSD


Doing Guiding Cooperation as a team so we all learn together and focus on using these same principles is really helpful.  I really like the emphasis on the positivity and describing behaviors and efforts in a positive way and altering our language can really make a big difference with our students. 

-Natalie, Speech Pathologist, AUHSD

We honor the tremendous work medical professionals do to create learning and community for the families they work with, augmenting these capacities with research based information and an always supportive community of reflection and growth.