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Guiding Cooperation for Educators


Guiding Cooperation for Educators trains teachers in contemporary educational neuroscience, and offers them tools for bringing it to life in everyday interactions in the classroom. Equipped with brain science and a new way of understanding challenging behaviors, teachers are more able to manage challenging behaviors with positive tools, and to guide cooperation for the entire classroom. Our Program Our program goal is all educators have the research based skills & frameworks to support children with positive interventions and all children can cooperate. Takes relationship-based tools and concepts and streamlines them for educators working with groups of students in the context of learning. In order for any learning to happen, we orient around regulation and co-regulation. ​ Benefits: - Increased knowledge about child development and educational neuroscience that informs classroom practice - Concrete resources and tools immediately ready for application and use in the classroom - Community building with colleagues and grade level teams and shared language for resolving challenges

COMMERCIAL REUSE OF SERVICES: Our Terms of Service are designed to ensure the best possible educational experience for all of our members. All users must abide by our Terms of Service, which includes following all applicable laws and regulations, respecting the intellectual property rights of others, and not engaging in any activities that are deemed inappropriate for an educational setting. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time and to take appropriate action against any user who violates them. We also reserve the right to terminate the use of our services if any user fails to comply with our Terms of Service.

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