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and anxiety

A free workshop with Dr. Chelsey Hauge-Zavaleta and Dr. Kelly McManus.


Monday, March 20 9:30-10:30am, PST (that's 11:30 CST or 12:30 EST)

PS: live zoom only, no recording available- so join us!


This workshop address from a medical perspective, what anxiety, as well as how to support children experiencing anxiety with tools that nurture and support the brain & nervous system. 



Anxiety in children and youth is at an all-time high: 

  • children are experiencing more anxiety than ever before, with counselors & teachers overwhelmed by need and parents at a loss over next steps 

In this workshop, we will teach you:

  • what anxiety is, and why it is peaking right now

  • how to approach your child who is experiencing anxiety with relationship based tools 

  • how to help kids move through anxiety and build their resilience 

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Childhood & Anxiety

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